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Top FAQs

1. How can I make a payment?

If you have a credit card then making a payment is easiest with, this takes no more than 2 minutes. 

Other options for making a payment:

  • Pay online with MySolavei 
  • Pay with Cash via Moneygram
  • Autopay (automatically charges each month)
  • Pay by phone

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2. How can I change my rate plan?

Log into your MySolavei account

  1. Under the Account tab click on the Manage MyPlan button ManageMyPlanButton2 under the MyPlan section 
  2. Click the Show Options button ShowOptionsButton under the Change Rate Plan section
  3. Look through the plans, decide the which one fits you best and click the I Want This One button IWantThisOneButton

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3. I have a question about my bill due date, last payment or previous statements

Common billing questions include:

  1. Viewing past statements can be done in MySolavei on your Dashboard (main page after you log in)
  2. Confirm your last payment in MySolavei on your Dashboard 
  3. Check your bill due date in MySolavei on your Dashboard

Learn more: MySolavei Account

4. I need my port information

I need to port my phone number out

Information need to Port Out:

  1. Account number = Your 10 digit Solavei mobile number
  2. The billing zip code on your Solavei account (MySolavei - Profile and Notifications)
  3. If your new provider requests a PIN, you can give them "0000".
Note: You must not cancel your Solavei account until the port out is complete. If your account is suspended, your number is still eligible to port out. You may port out as late as 30 days past your last day of paid service. Once your port out is complete, your Solavei account will be permanently closed within 2-4 business days.  

I need to port my phone number in

Information needed to Port In:

  1. Account number
    • On your bill, or if prepaid, usually your phone number
  2. Password or PIN
    • This is usually not your password for logging into your account online. You may need to call your old service provider for it.

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5. My internet or picture messaging isn't working

We have an amazing click-through guide for working out data issues, simply follow the flow:  Self Help Troubleshooting