Enroll and activate people on the spot

With Solavei SIM Packs, as a Social Member, you can quickly enroll new members who bring their own phone and activate their mobile service on the spot.

This will allow you to guide your new member through the enrollment and activation process to ensure their service is up and running.


Who Can Order Solavei SIM Packs?

Solavei Social Members can order Solavei SIM Packs with a limit of 60 Solavei SIM Cards per week. If you are not a Social Member, please go to, log in, and complete the Social Member registration process.

How Can Solavei SIM Packs Help Me Grow My Network?

With SIM Packs, Solavei Social Members can:

  • Quickly activate service on the spot
  • Alleviate the 3-5 day wait time to receive their Solavei SIM Card in the mail
  • Immediately enroll multiple new members in person at once

How Many Solavei SIM Cards are in a SIM Pack?

Combo SIM:

  • Solavei SIM Card 10-Pack — $35
  • Solavei SIM Card 20-Pack — $55

Nano SIM:

  • Solavei SIM Card 5-Pack — $20

Mobile phones use different SIM card sizes. You can purchase Solavei SIM Packs to help you accommodate a wider variety of members. Combo SIMS are a combination of a Standard and Micro SIM and are also known as "Punch Out" SIM cards. They can be used in 99% of the devices on the Market. The iPhone 5, 5c and 5s use the Nano SIM card.

Note: Solavei SIM Cards are not for resale. Members are limited to ordering 60 Solavei SIM Cards per week. For additional Solavei SIM Cards, contact Please include your Member ID, number of Solavei SIM Cards requested, and contact information.

Where Can I Order Solavei SIM Packs?

1. Go to and log in.

2. In your Account tab, click Shop. Then Order Now next to SIM Packs.

3. Complete the order process.

How to Order

1. Go to and log in.

2. In your Account tab, click Shop. Then Order Now next to SIM Packs.

3. Complete the order process.

Shipping Options

Orders placed before 9 AM Pacific Time (Monday-Friday) will ship same day. Orders received after 9 AM Pacific Time will ship the next business day.

USPS First Class: 3-5 business days — $5

USPS Priority Mail: 3 business days — $7

USPS 2 Day: 2 business days — $14

USPS Next Day: Next business day — $19

Solavei SIM Packs can be shipped to PO Boxes.

Note: These prices are per order, not per SIM Pack.

Package Contents:

  • Solavei SIM Pack(s)
  • Step-by-step instructions for activating new members

NOTE: SIM cards can only be activated ONCE. If a member changes their mind and cancels their membership, their Solavei SIM Card cannot be reused, transferred or returned.


You will receive an order confirmation and shipping confirmation when your Solavei SIM Pack has shipped.

Order Walkthrough

Return Process

  • Solavei SIM Packs can be returned for a refund of the purchase price within 14 days. Shipping and handling are the responsibility of the member.
  • The SIM Pack must be unopened and in original packaging.
  • To request a refund, please email for a Return Number. Include your Member ID & Name in your email request.
    • You will receive an email response with a Return Number and shipping address for return within 3 days.
    • Once you receive a Return Number you have 14 days to return the unopened SIM packages.
    • A refund will be provided to the credit card that completed the purchase within 7 days of receipt.

Important: Solavei SIM Cards are also subject to a repurchase option, under which Solavei will buy back unsold Solavei SIM Cards after 90 days for a 90% refund.


Who do I contact if a member uses the wrong Solavei SIM Card number to enroll?

If you entered in the wrong Solavei SIM Card number in enrollment, contact member support at 1-866-SOLAVEI (1-866-765-2834) to have your Solavei SIM Card number corrected.

What if I enroll a member and they lose their Solavei SIM Card?

To order a replacement SIM card, go to your Account tab, click Shop. Then Order Now next to Replacements SIMs. There is a fee for SIM replacements through Solavei.

Contact member support at 1-866-SOLAVEI (1-866-765-2834) to reset the Solavei SIM Card on the member's account. You will need the new member's 10-digit ID, and the new Solavei SIM Card number.

What if my shipment doesn't arrive?

First, check the status of the shipment with the tracking number you received in your confirmation email. If you have any questions about your shipment, contact member support at 1-866-SOLAVEI (1-866-765-2834).

Will the enrolling member still pay for a Solavei SIM Card?

No, members will not have the Solavei SIM Card fee during enrollment.

Can I reuse a Solavei SIM Card?

SIM cards can only be activated ONCE. If a member changes their mind and returns their membership, their Solavei SIM Card cannot be reused or transferred. A new Solavei SIM Card must be provided.

Pre-Enrollment Checklist

Use this checklist when you are preparing to enroll a new member with a Solavei SIM Card from a Solavei SIM Pack.

New Number

  • Member wants a new number


Porting Number (Keep Number)

  • Member's number is eligible for transfer to Solavei and
  • Member has their account number AND porting PIN from their current service provider

To get the porting PIN and account number, call the current service provider.


Follow the existing enrollment process for the new member, and note the changes below:

  1. Confirm Solavei SIM Card size and have new, unused Solavei SIM Card ready
  2. Select "I am using my own unlocked phone and already have a Solavei SIM Card"
  3. Complete enrollment process


The new member will receive:

  • An email notification of shipping confirmation in addition to above
  • A getting started email

Enrollment Walkthrough

If you would like further instructions on enrollment, you can follow the Enrollment Walkthrough.

Coming Soon


After enrollment, you will be guided to activate your Solavei mobile service:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Click the Activate Phone & Get Status button
  3. Follow the steps to activate your service
    1. Enter your SIM number twice found on the Solavei SIM Card
    2. Choose to have a new number assigned to you, or to bring your existing number from another carrier to Solavei
    3. Put your SIM into your phone and you will receive a text message with your phone number when your activation is complete

NOTE: After you enroll, you have 30 days to activate mobile service otherwise your service will be terminated.

Closing Checklist

Now that you have enrolled the new member for Solavei Mobile Service, run through this closing checklist:

  • If a member is porting their existing number and does not activate on the spot, show the new member how to activate by using the Checklist function in their MySolavei account.
  • Make sure their APN settings are correct
  • Make sure their phone works by making a phone call
  • Remind the member to log into MySolavei to explore the community, share the message via Facebook, Twitter and invite friends to join.
  • If they do not sign up as a Social Member during enrollment, they can sign up in MySolavei within the Account tab.
  • To learn more about how Solavei works, they can go to and click on tutorials.
  • Provide the new member with your contact information to stay connected.