Samsung T-139

Samsung T Series


  1. Go to Phone Settings
  2. Choose your phone model (or closest model if not available).
  3. Enter your phone number and the code in the box and hit confirm.
    1. You will receive 2 messages on your phone:
    2. Select the following steps: View, OK, Options, Save Contents, Install Internet, Yes.
    3. Enter PIN code 1234, and confirm.
  4. Repeat steps 4.1 to 4.2 to install MMS configurations. 
  5. Once complete, power the phone off, then back on.
  6. Test the settings by accessing the internet, then send a picture message to yourself (make sure to put a 1 in front of your mobile number).

Manual Settings

  1. On your phone Dial *#87927#
  2. Choose a profile to edit
  3. Press Options
  4. Select Edit
  5. Enter the following settings
    • Set name: Solavei 
    • Access name: solavei
    • Auth Type: Normal
    • User ID: <leave blank>
    • Password: <leave blank>
    • Protocol: HTTP
    • Home URL:
    • Proxy Address:
    • Port: 8080
    • Linger Time(Sec.): 300
  6. Tap Save
  7. Confirm the radio dot is next to the Solavei profile.
  8. Press the end key to return to the home screen
  9. Go to the dialer and enter *#87667#
  10. Set name: Solavei MMS
  11. Access name: solavei
  12. Auth type: Normal
  13. User ID: <leave blank>
  14. Password: <leave blank>
  15. Protocol: HTTP
  16. Home URL:  
  17. Proxy address:
  18. Linger Time: 300
  19. Press Save.
  20. Radio dot should be on the right of Solavei MMS.
  21. At this time, turn the phone Off and then back On again.
  22. Test the settings by sending a picture message to yourself.
  23. Tap the Menu icon.
  24. Tap Browser.
  25. Enter a non-Google web site to test.

Additional Assistance: If you have followed the steps above and are having trouble setting up your phone try using our interactive Self Help Troubleshooting Guide. If you have further questions, you can ask one of our Solavei Experts in our online Support Community below. Simply type in your question and click the Ask button.