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1. Can I port my current phone number to Solavei?

The ability to port a number (i.e. bring your own number) is available during the Enrollment & Activation process. If you wish to do this, you must request it during Enrollment & Activation, as it cannot be ported at a later time. You also have the option to have Solavei assign you a new mobile number.

Numbers and Porting

Tips & Tricks
The PIN/Password is the information used to access your account when you call your previous provider. It is NOT the password used to log into your account online.

  • Common PINs/Passwords:
    • Last 4 of the SSN
    • 8 digit Date of Birth (example: 01311980)
    • Do not enter special characters or hyphens. Often times Verizon account numbers have a -00001 at the end, this is not needed when you port to Solavei.
    • If your mobile service is bundled (E.g., AT&T and Verizon) with other services like landline (home phone), Internet etc., you may have a master account number and a mobile account number. In these cases, use the mobile account number to complete your port requirements.
    • If your mobile number is with US Cellular you may be asked to provide additional information to complete your port.
    • Your account and number must be active with your current provider for you to be able to port.
  • 2. What if I'm still in a contract with another mobile service provider?

    Early Termination Fees (ETF) can be a pain, hopefully this is one of the reasons why you've considered Solavei, as we don't have ETFs. Some service providers will reduce your ETF depending on how long you've been with them. If you do end up having to pay an ETF you may want to consider the overall savings of Solavei, over the course of a few months you should begin to break even and start saving by taking advantage of our low cost rate plans. The other great thing about Solavei is, if you join as a Brand Partner you can even make money for signing other members up, it's a very simple referral process with a lot of bonus opportunities. 

    Learn more here: Solavei Brand Partner Compensation Plan

    3. Can I port my number from Solavei?

    As much as we are sad to see you go Solavei doesn't have any contracts and you are free to leave

    Learn more here: Mobile Numbers and Porting

    Tips & Tricks

    You should initiate the request to port with their new phone provider. The new phone provider will need the following information:

    1. The 10 digit phone number (this is your account number)
    2. The billing zip code assigned to your Solavei account
      1. When submitting your port request with your new provider, the address they submit must have this zip code. 
    3. We do not require a PIN number. If your new provider requests one, you can give them "0000".
    You must not cancel your Solavei account until the port out is complete. If your account is suspended, your number is still eligible to port out. You may port out as late as 30 days past your last day of paid service. Once your port out is complete, your Solavei account will be permanently closed (see exception below) within 2-4 business days.  

    Exception: If you have a Brand Partner or Retailer account and you wish to cancel your Mobile Service, but keep your membership, you simply need to port out your phone number, this will not cancel your Brand Partner or Retailer membership.  


    1. When will my bill be due?

    Your monthly mobile service is due monthly in advance of the service being provided. Your activation date determines your bill due date which is 1 day prior to your 1 month anniversary.
    The activation occurs when a Solavei phone and/or SIM card is activated.

    • For example, if the mobile service was activated on the 1st of the month, the monthly service charge will be due on the last day of the month, each month going forward as long as the balance is paid on time.
    2. Will I receive a bill for my Solavei Mobile Service?

    A billing statement will be available to you in MySolavei under the Account section within 4 days of the bill due date. The statement is a PDF that outlines your monthly charges.
    A paper statement will not be mailed. However, you will be notified by text message 4 days prior to your bill due date that the bill is available for review and payment.

    3. How do I pay my bill?

    Visit our [Call: 1-866-Solavei] Make a payment section to see all of our payment options.

    4. Can I set my bill up to pay automatically?

    Yes! You can chose to have your payment automatically taken from your credit card each month by using Solavei’s Autopay service. You have the ability to sign up for Autopay by:

    • Selecting the option at Enrollment
    • Updating your payment options anytime in MySolavei under the Account section. Learn more here: Payment Tips
    5. What happens if my payment is not made by the due date?

    The monthly service charge is due in advance of providing the service each month. If the amount due is not paid by the due date, the service will be suspended pending payment. You have 30 days to make a payment until your account is cancelled. 

    6. Can I get collect calls on my Solavei phone?

    Collect calling is not supported on your Solavei phone. Most wireless providers do not support receiving collect calls. Also, we are a pay in advance service which does not support billing you for received collect call after it happens.

    7. What are the taxes and fees?

    Solavei is required by law to collect taxes, governmental surcharges and fees including sales, excise, other taxes and government surcharges on behalf of local, state, and the federal government. Local, state and federal regulations determine the specific amount of tax charged, and it can range significantly based on your location. For example, a member living in State A may pay as little as $2.82 in taxes in addition to the unlimited mobile rate plan, whereas a member living in State B may pay $10.34 in taxes. Taxes can even vary within the same state based on city taxes. The first months bill is a good indication of the amount of ongoing taxes a member can expect to pay each month.


    1. Why does the coverage map on show coverage in some zip codes that don't pass the Solavei zip code checker when I enroll?

    The coverage map is intended to give you a general overview of the levels of coverage you can expect from Solavei in different parts of the country. It’s based on the zip codes where you live, work, and play.
    But we don’t want you to be disappointed. If we can’t offer high quality service in certain parts of a particular zip code, we won’t sign up members in that area.  We don’t want you to pay for our service if we don’t think you will be happy with it.
    If you can’t get Solavei service in your area but are still interested in the opportunity to earn income by sharing Solavei with others, you can sign up to become a Brand Partner Only.

    2. Can I roam off the Solavei Network?

    Domestic voice and text roaming outside of the Solavei coverage area is included in our unlimited rate plan, however, it does come at a cost to Solavei. Solavei and our Brand Partners work together to keep operating cost low. We ask you to be aware of the high cost to Solavei by avoiding roaming for extended periods of time. Our activation process will discourage those who live outside of Solavei coverage from activating service. In the event that you do activate and roam excessively, Solavei reserves the right to restrict or cancel your service. We do not offer data roaming at this time.

    3. Does Solavei have its own Mobile Network?

    No, Solavei service operates on the nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile network. Solavei members have access to the exact same levels of coverage and data speeds as other T-Mobile users. Coverage and service levels may vary from phone to phone, however, because a phone’s data speed and other capabilities depend on the radio frequencies in its unique hardware.

    4. What can affect my service?

    Buildings, trees, walls, and weather can all diminish the radio waves that cellular towers broadcast. Even if our coverage map features 4G coverage, you may not get strong cell reception. For example, if you are in your basement or in a brick building. This is the case with any mobile phone under any carrier, not just Solavei. However, because different carriers operate on different radio frequencies, coverage may vary between a Solavei phone and an identical phone with another carrier.

    5. Why can't all unlocked GSM phones (older iPhones) get 4G data speeds?

    Each wireless carrier uses a certain set of radio frequencies for different services or data speeds on their mobile phones.
    Most mobile phones can only detect a few different radio frequencies. An AT&T phone uses different frequencies for different services than a Solavei phone – so you may experience different levels of coverage or data speeds, depending on which carrier your phone came from.
    If a phone uses a different set of radio frequencies for 4G than Solavei does, that phone may not be able to access 4G data speeds on Solavei’s network, or even use the Solavei network at all. Learn more here: iPhone and AT&T/International Phone - Solavei Coverage

    6. I can see a tower from where I am standing, but I’m only getting 2 bars of signal showing on my phone. Why is that? 

    Different mobile service providers have towers in different locations. There are times when several providers share one tower, but this is not always the case. If you are looking at a tower, but only have moderate coverage, then it is most likely a tower for a different mobile service provider and we are not sharing. We try to place towers to cover the most area possible and you may notice a friend with a different service provider having the same issue in a different location.

    7. My reception is spotty. Can you add a tower in my neighborhood? 

    Solavei is always looking for ways to expand coverage. However, expanding coverage can be complicated, costly and dependent on many factors. New towers incur high operational costs, and require zoning permits and licensing from the FCC – all of which can be difficult to obtain. Therefore, we cannot accommodate requests for new towers in specific areas.

    8. My zip code didn’t pass the zip code checker when I tried to enroll. Can you add a tower in my neighborhood?

    We are always looking to expand the areas that we are permitted to provide mobile service in. It is important to know that we can only operate in areas that we have purchased the needed radio frequencies from the FCC to provide service. Because all of the available radio frequencies are already purchased and in use, we will need to wait for the FCC to offer more radio frequencies for sale or auction. Therefore, we cannot accommodate requests for new towers in specific areas.

    International Long Distance

    1. Is International long distance available?

    Yes! International Long Distance is available. To learn how to sign up, visit: International Long Distance Prepaid

    2. How do I get International Long Distance calling?

    To learn how to sign up, visit: International Long Distance Prepaid or

    3. How do I know when my prepaid International Long Distance balance is low?

    When you make an international long distance phone call and your balance is low a “whisper notification” will play giving you your remaining balance.

    4. Will my call just disconnect when my balance is gone?

    You will receive a 1 minute warning and then your call will disconnect once your balance is depleted.

    5. How do I refill or add money to my prepaid International Long Distance service?

    You will log into the webpage to make a one-time payment.  You can also setup up a credit card for auto-payment and can either select to refill at a low minute limit or a low dollar amount limit.

    6. How competitive are the international rates offered?

    Because we are partnered with a major international long distance provider in the USA, we have very competitive rates. You can view all of the international calling rates at the international long distance website.

    7. If I have a question or issue with my International Long Distance, how do I get help?

    For any questions about your Solavei Long Distance you can view our FAQ page or contact our ILD support at 1 (800) 490-7904 [Call: 1 (800) 490-7904].

    Phones and Service

    1. Can I bring my Phone to Solavei?

    Yes! Learn about this here Choosing a Phone for Solavei

    2. Does Solavei offer Nano-SIMs?

    Yes! We do offer Nano-SIM cards. Learn more here: MySolavei SIM Replacement Orders

    3. What is a Nano-SIM card?

    A Nano SIM card is smaller and thinner than a Micro SIM card as well as a brand new standard being launched with the iPhone 5. It is very important not to attempt to modify your current SIM to try to fit it into the Nano SIM slot in the new iPhone 5 for the below reasons:

    • You could irreparably damage your SIM card, which would cause you to lose any saved data and be without service until you receive a replacement SIM card.
    • You could damage the iPhone 5 because of the difference in size and configuration of the Nano SIM versus other SIM card sizes.
    4. Does Solavei offer phones for sale?

    We are currently offering phones compatible with the Solavei network through our online phone partner, Quality One. For more information please visit our page at

    5. Will Solavei offer insurance for phones?

    Unfortunately, we are not offering insurance at this time. However, you can find options to purchase insurance from other companies online. 

    6. Will there be data speed reduction (throttling) with Solavei service?

    Data speed will only be reduced for the duration of the billing cycle when members exceeds their allotment of data on the Solavei network. You can still use data at a lower speed, and will not be charged overage! This information is available in Solavei Mobile Service.

    7. When does my high speed data reset?

    If you have used your high speed data for the month, you will have reduced speeds on your unlimited plan until the beginning of your next bill cycle. Your high speed data is restored at 12:01 AM when your bill cycle starts. This is 12:01 AM local time based on your area code.

    8. Will Solavei service be available in Puerto Rico?

    Yes! The opportunity to share Solavei in Puerto Rico is available.


    1. What if I'm having trouble using data or picture messaging on my phone?

    Often times when you bring your own phone to Solavei, settings in the phone need to be manually updated to begin using data or picture messages.
    To update your phone settings visit Solavei Phone Settings.

    1. Find your phone.
    2. Enter your phone number to receive a text message to your phone that will allow you to automatically update your settings.
    3. If your phone does not support automatic settings updates (OTA), you will have an option to see instructions on how to manually update the settings.

    You can also get support by using our Self Help Troubleshooting Guide

    2. Can I send a Picture Message (MMS) internationally?

    No, international picture messaging is not supported at this time.

    3. Why won’t my picture messaging (MMS) work on my BlackBerry?

    Because picture messaging uses the data network, and we do not support data on BlackBerry’s, picture messaging will not work. Note: The BlackBerry Z10 may work with data but still may not get picture messaging on our network.

    4. I am unable to send picture messages to my friend on AT&T, why is that?

    AT&T uses a smaller 600KB picture message size than the 1MB that other U.S. carriers use. Your phone may be automatically reducing the size of your picture messages. If not, you can manually change the default message size in your Internet and MMS settings. You can find our Internet and MMS settings documents here: Phone Settings