2. Enter either your Mobile Number, Member ID or Username.

3. Select Continue.

4. Enter your credit card information and select Pay Now.

*All major credit cards accepted

Confirmation number will be sent for successful payment

1. Log into MySolavei at Solavei.com

2. Select Account at the top

3. Select Pay Now

4. Enter your credit card information to complete payment.

*All major credit cards accepted

Confirmation number will be sent for successful payment

5. Setup AutoPay in MySolavei to make paying your bill easier.

  1. Click the Account tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom and in the I want to… section
  3. Select Set up Auto Pay
  4. Select the Set up Auto Pay button, fill out the form and click Save

Didn't receive your confirmation?

If you do not receive a confirmation number, as a result of the webpage not loading etc, resubmit your payment.

Were you suspended?

After successful payment, your services will be automatically restored typically within 20 minutes.

Para ver en espanol, haz un clic aqui.

1. Call 1-866-Solavei (1-866-765-2834)

2. Select option 1 to “Make a Payment”

3. Enter the Member ID OR Phone Number you want to pay

  • Call from your Solavei Mobile Phone to be identified automatically
  • To pay for a different account, wait for the option after hearing your balance.

4. Enter the following:

  1. Credit Card Number
  2. Expiration Date MM/YY
  3. Security Code
  4. Credit Card Billing Zip Code

*All major credit cards accepted

Did you enter something incorrectly or your payment did not process?

If information was entered incorrectly, hang up and call back to try again.

1. Find your nearest MoneyGram branch

Services must include "Pay a Bill"

Additional steps required for location names ending in Vcom

2. Collect your member information.

These can be found in your MySolavei account or in your payment notification email.

  1. Your 10 digit Member ID
  2. Your First and Last Name exactly as they are spelled on your bill
  3. Your Exact Amount due
    Important: You will need your amount due in addition to the $1.49 MoneyGram fee.

3. Visit your MoneyGram branch and say you want to pay your Solavei bill.

  1. Some locations may request a code which is 13258
  2. If it is an older form, write the number above the 4 available boxes

Is your payment not showing in MySolavei.com after an hour or more?

Always keep your receipts for verification of payment. Call member support at 1-866-Solavei and have your MoneyGram receipt available.