Your Solavei Card

How to get a Solavei Visa Prepaid debit Card

Solavei no longer issues the Solavei Card during enrollment and has been replaced by Zipmark, learn more here: Solavei Compensation Payments


About Money Network

Money Network manages the Solavei Card program. Money Network is the leading provider of Payroll/1099 prepaid programs trusted by Solavei and Fortune 100 corporations.  The Solavei Card is issued by MetaBank™, Member FDIC and the program is managed by First Data, a global technology and payments processing leader. Cardholders enjoy the protections, rights and privileges afforded by Federal, State, and Visa regulations for prepaid debit card products.

How it works

  • A Solavei Card (Visa debit) from Money Network will be established for Brand Partner's who enrolled prior to May 2015. Final approval for the use of the card depends on Money Network’s personal identity validation requirements.
    • Ensure you enroll with your personal name and SSN
  • Solavei compensation can be deposited onto the Solavei Card for availability and is by default automatically used to deposit payments if you enrolled in or prior to May 2015. (See terms and conditions.)
  • Members will have the ability to purchase goods and services with their cards or withdraw funds from the card at an ATM at no charge as long as you use the Allpoint Network.
    • Note: MetaBank does not endorse or guarantee the products, information ,or recommendations provided in linked sites and MetaBank is not liable for any failure of products or services advertised on those sites.
  • Money Network will not charge any fees for purchases completed without a Personal Identification Number (PIN).  When making a purchase, choose 'Credit' instead of 'Debit' at the payment terminal or gas pump to avoid using your PIN. The transaction will be processed normally.
  • Purchases using your (PIN) will incur a $0.25 charge per transaction.
    • Funds are FDIC insured, and there is no ¹liability for unauthorized purchases. See the Solavei Card Terms and Conditions for more details.
    • ¹Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult issuer for additional details or visit

Activating Your Solavei Card

See Solavei Card - How to


Solavei Card Support - Money Network

  • For all inquiries regarding your Solavei Card, visit the Money Network website or reach out directly to the Money Network Cardholder Support line by dialing 1-888-913-0900.
    • Press option 1 for English, option 2 for Espanol OR Press option 3 to speak directly to an agent
    • Enter date of birth, month, day, then year (eg:  01/04/1988)
    • Enter your 4 digit PIN
  • For assistance with a lost or stolen card, or to request a replacement card select option 2 after verifying your account information.

Issues with Activating your Solavei Card (SSN or ITIN)

See Solavei Card - How to

Lasting relationship with Money Network

  • Once established, the Solavei Card Account is a direct relationship between you the Solavei Member and MetaBank. Solavei does not have access to your funds and you may choose to continue your relationship regardless of your Membership status at Solavei.

Money Network Mobile App

  • Money Network® has launched the Money Network mobile app to make it that much easier for Accountholders to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. With the Money Network mobile app, Accountholders can experience a greater sense of financial control with anytime, anywhere access to their Money Network online Account.
    • Establish an online Money Network card Account with a username and password.
    • App available for free download at the iTunes App Store (for iPhone users) and at the Google Play website (for Android users)
      • Note:  Standard message and data rates may apply
    • View Account balance and transactions in real time
    • Receive balance, deposit, & withdrawal notifications
    • Locate nearby surcharge-free ATMs & check cashing locations
    • Access to Money Network bill-pay services (electric bill, water bill, garbage bill, etc) 

Additional Features (adding money)

  • Free-Money Network checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Reload card with cash or checks at over 150,000 reload locations nationwide (or see "Quick Start Guide" attachment below)

Fees Overview

For an updated and complete list of Fees, refer to the Cardholder Terms and Conditions that came with your Solavei Card or visit and log in to your Account for details



Tips to avoid paying fees:

  1. Use the readily available Allpoint network for cash withdrawals and banking needs. See for locations.
  2. Avoid using your PIN when making purchases; instead complete the transaction as credit.
  3. Use direct deposit or electronic transfers when making deposits.
  4. After 6 months of inactivity on your card, there is a $3.00 per month inactivity fee.

The Solavei Visa Prepaid Card and the Money Network Checks are issued by MetaBank™, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.