Solavei Compensation Plan FAQ

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General Questions

1. How do I earn under the Compensation Plan?

  • The new Compensation Plan is based on a Point system. There are 3 kinds of points required to earn income:
  • Direct Points (DPs) - you earn 1 Direct Point for each person you directly enroll in Solavei Mobile Service including yourself. DPs count toward Fast Action Bonuses.
  • Referral Points (RPs) include your Direct Points (DPs) and all members in any of your lines until a Brand Partner enrolls or a member with free mobile service is created.
  • Generation Points (GPs) include the total number of Referral Points from your Brand Partners through 5 generations (excluding free mobile users) within any line inside your network.
  • Network Points (NPs) include your total number of RPs, and GPs from your overall network.  This number does not include members with free mobile service.
  • As you enroll new members for mobile service and add downline Brand Partners to your network, you accrue points to move up in rank, earn increasing in come and additional rewards.

2. Does a member need to have active Solavei Mobile Service for 14 days in order to be counted in calculating for Residual Income or Rank Advancement?

No. Once a member is active, they are qualified as long as they do not become suspended or earn free mobile service. 

3. If a Brand Partner also has mobile service, do they count as their own Direct Point or as their sponsor's Direct Point?

  • In almost all aspects of the Compensation Plan, a Brand Partner with Mobile Service counts as part of their Sponsor’s Direct Points. The only exception is for the Fast Action Bonus (FAB). During the FAB, a new Brand Partner can count their own mobile service as their first Direct Point, until they get free mobile service.
  • Example A: Enroll as a Brand Partner with Mobile Service then add just 4 more Mobile Members to reach your first FAB5 and receive a one-time bonus of $100.

4. If a Brand Partner can count their own mobile service as a Direct Point during the FAB period, do they have to replace that DP once they get free mobile service?

A Brand Partner never has to replace themselves OR any other member who obtains free mobile service for the FAB or Production Bonuses. The only time a DP must be replaced is to meet point requirements to count towards rank, residual income and monthly leadership bonuses.

5. Will I be able to have multiple Brand Partner accounts in the Compensation Plan?

No, Brand Partners may only have one account per social security number.

6. Can there be more than one Brand Partner per household?

No, only one Brand Partner per household is allowed. A household is determined by mailing address and family name. A member can only establish Brand Partnership with a physical address – a PO Box address is not accepted.

7. Are Sponsor changes allowed for Brand Partners?

No, Brand Partners will not be allowed to change Sponsors at any time. We will implement system changes in the future, to restrict any Brand Partner accounts from enrolling with a different Sponsor for 6 months following account closure to prevent network jumping.

8. Will Sponsor changes be allowed for Mobile Service Only Members?

Yes, members with Mobile Service who are not Brand Partners may complete a Sponsor change within the 14-day “buyer’s remorse” period.

9. How do I get free mobile service on the $29 or $49 mobile plans?

When you earn 6 Direct Points by enrolling 6 people, you earn up to $39 + tax towards your bill, no matter which plan you are on. This means the $29 and $39 plans would be free and you would pay the difference for the higher plans (+$10 for the $49 plan). Earning 9 direct points works the same way, except, that you earn up to $49 towards your bill. Any amount you earn in excess of your chosen plan does not carry forward and will be zeroed out before your next bill.  Once you earn 6 Direct Points, you will be considered as having “free mobile service” and will not qualify towards points for your upline (except for FAB and Production Bonus).

10. Can a member who has enrolled other members become a Brand Partner, and what happens to their network?

Yes, a member can still become a Brand Partner after they have enrolled members for Free Mobile Service.
  • Referral Points: When a member becomes a Brand Partner their Referral Points remain with them (shifting them to their sponsor’s Generation Points) and their sponsor has 30 days to replace those Referral Points if needed before rank or pay is affected.
  • FAB: If a member has referred and signed up members directly within the same calendar month that they become a Brand Partner, those members count as Direct Points towards their FAB5. Any referrals from a prior month do not count towards FABs but are included as Direct Points towards rank and other pay.

11. Is compression available in the Compensation Plan? If my sponsor cancels, is there a "hole" above me, or do I compress?

Yes. When a Brand Partner closes his/her account the connections below that account will move up one Generation. Vertical compression will be calculated and completed once per quarter. 

12. What does vertical compression mean for my network?

Vertical compression changes the Generation of connections below cancelled Brand Partner accounts. This means that any Brand Partners or mobile members below a cancelled Brand Partner account will become Referral Points for the next upline Brand Partner. Vertical compression will not convert referral points or indirectly enrolled Brand Partners into direct points or directly enrolled connections. The only change is to their Generation.

13. Can I earn free mobile service as a Brand Partner?

Yes! You will earn Free Mobile Service with as few as 6 Referral Points.

14. Does a free mobile service line that I have earned free count towards my points or bonuses?

No. Once any line of service qualifies for free (6 or more Direct Points), the line of service does not count towards your Brand Partner's points, or your sponsor’s points. This includes mobile service for Members and Brand Partners.

15. Do I need a 1099 for earning free service?

Members who earn less than $650 a year will not receive a 1099.

16. For Ambassador lines to count towards my rank qualification, can they be anywhere in my downline or do they need to be in 4 separate lines?

  • The Ambassadors must be in separate legs. A leg is defined as a line descending from a direct connection.
  • For example, to achieve the rank of Director, you must have 4 separate, first-generation Ambassador lines. Each of these lines must be either direct enrollments or pass through separate directly enrolled mobile member connections.
  • 17. Is there any requirement about where the Ambassador sits in my network?

    The Ambassador(s) must be in your Generation 1. For rank qualification, the Ambassador(s) must also be in separate legs or be directly enrolled to you.

    18. For the household rule, if my network is consolidated to my spouse’s account, what will happen to my mobile number?

    Your account and mobile number will remain active, but you will not be able to sign up as a Brand Partner on that account. However, you can still earn free service.

    19. If Pay Day falls on a weekend, will I be paid on the weekend? 

    Fortunately no, you will be paid on the Friday before the 12th.

    20. I set up my Zipmark after earning compensation, what should I do? 

    Contact Solavei to request the deposit of your previous earnings. The case will then be escalated to our Compensation Team


    Fast Action Bonus

    1. If the FAB is based on my first 3 calendar months, what happens if I sign up as a Brand Partner in the middle of a month?

    It actually works out in your favor! Your FAB5 period is your first calendar month after signing up for Solavei. If you sign up mid-month, you get the remainder of that month AND the first full calendar month following to complete your FAB5.
    • Example: If you sign up on the 15th of the October, you get the remainder of October PLUS the whole following month as your first calendar month.

    2. If I miss my first FAB period, and do not get 5 Direct Points in my first calendar month, can I still get my FAB 10 if I add 10 Direct Points in my second month of service?

    Yes, you can earn your 2nd or 3rd FAB even if you miss your 1st. If you miss your 1st FAB but get 10 Direct Points and enrolled one Brand Partner by the end of your 2nd month, you will receive the FAB10 of $200 but not the FAB5 of $100. The same holds true in your 3rd calendar month to receive the FAB15 (get 15 Direct Points and become a Team Ambassador to receive $500).

    3. Do new members need to have active mobile service in order for me to qualify for FAB?

    Yes, a member qualifies towards your FAB the day they activate mobile service.

    4. If I enrolled for mobile service, but didn’t complete my upgrade to Brand Partner until the next calendar month or later, can I still count myself towards my FAB 5?

    No, you only count as one of the 5 Direct Points needed for FAB5 if you enrolled for mobile service and converted to a Brand Partner in the same calendar month.

    5. Is there a reason Solavei would not pay me if I qualify for FABs?

    Yes, if a member you enrolled suspends or terminates, you will need to enroll another new member within your FAB period to replace them.

    6. When will I get my FAB?

    We pay FAB 5 (and only FAB 5) the week after you earn it, usually by Thursday. You would then have access to this money by the following Tuesday at the latest, depending on your bank's processing times.

    Team Action Bonus (TAB)

    1. If I have a Generation 1 Brand Partner who receives their FAB5, but I'm a Regional Ambassador, do I get $100 or $25?

    You will receive $100 because you are the first person in the TAB payout and there is no Team Ambassador between you and your Generation 1.

    2. If I am a Director and someone in my downline gets their FAB, but there is no other ranked member between us, do I get all of the TABs?

    No. You are only able to receive one TAB.
    • Example: You are a Director and someone below you just received their 1st FAB of $100. There are 2 Brand Partners between you and them; however, they have not reached Team Ambassador rank. You would get the $100 bonus for the rank of Team Ambassador or higher. The  $25 bonus would go to your next upline etc. If there is no one above you, the additional bonuses are not paid.

    Production Bonus

    1. Is there a limit to how many times I can receive the Production Bonus?

    No. Production Bonuses can be earned every month, but only once per month for a maximum of $200 per month

    2. Do my Referral Points count towards my Production Bonus since they aren't below another Brand Partner?

    No. You must directly enroll new members to receive the Production Bonus, which means only your Direct Points count.

    3. Do I earn each Production Bonus as I enroll more direct members?

    No. Your Production Bonus is calculated at the end of each month and depends on how many Direct Points you have enrolled in that month.
    • Example: You enroll 8 direct members in one calendar month and would receive a $120 Production Bonus (not $30+$60+$120).

    Rank Advancement Requirements

    1. What is Maximum points per line?

    “Maximum points per line” The maximum number of points, from any Brand Partner line, that can be used for your rank qualifications.
    • Example: To achieve the rank of Director, you can use a maximum of 200 Network Points per Line towards that promotion. Therefore, if you have a Line, which has 500 Network Points, you can use 200 of those Network Points towards achieving the rank of Director.

    Residual Pay

    1. How are generations calculated for earning Residual Pay?

    Which generation a member falls under is based on how many Brand Partners are between you and that member in a line. If there are 0 Brand Partners in line between you and the member, they are part of your generation 1. Add 1 + the number of Brand Partners between you and a member to determine their generation.

    • You enroll a member. They are in your generation 1. (1 + 0 Brand Partners = 1st generation)
    • A member you enrolled enrolls another member. That new member is also in your generation 1. (1 + 0 Brand Partners = 1st generation)
    • A Brand Partner you enrolled enrolls a member. That new member is now in your generation 2. (1 + 1 Brand Partners = 2nd generation)
    • A Brand Partner under a Brand Partner you enrolled, enrolls a new member. That new member is in your generation 3. (1 + 2 Brand Partners = 3rd generation)

    2. Is Residual Pay affected by the Max Leg Rule?

    No, only Rank Advancement is affected by the Max Leg Rule

    Leadership Income

    1. If someone in my downline has a higher rank than me, do I get paid for their rank in my Leadership Income?

    No. Anyone in your downline that is a higher rank than you counts as the same rank as you for Leadership Income.
    • Example: You are a Senior Director and one of your Generation 1 Brand Partners has a rank of National Director. You would get paid $200 for them because they are treated as a Senior Director (same rank as you) for the purpose of the Leadership Development Bonus.

    2. Can I earn Leadership Income on more than one Ambassador line?

    Yes, it is calculated down each of your Ambassador Lines through the generations you qualify for at each rank.
    Example: You are a Senior Director and have 4 Directors in your generation 1 and 2 Regional Ambassadors in your generation 2. You would get paid for all 6 totaling $500, $400 for the Directors and $100 for the Regional Ambassadors.

    3. Do I earn Leadership Income in a linear line through my downline?

    No, you would earn this bonus per generation depending on your rank.
    Example: You are a Senior Director and have a Generation 1 Senior Director who has 3, Generation 1 Directors (making them part of your Generation 2). You would earn $200 for the Generation 1 Senior Director and $300 for the Generation 2 Directors.

    Matching Bonus

    1. If someone ranking up to Regional Ambassador is in my Referral Points (not directly enrolled by me) and there are no Brand Partners between myself and the person ranking up to Regional Ambassador, would I earn the matching bonus?

    Yes, that Regional Ambassador would still be your Generation 1 and you would receive the Matching Bonus.

    2. If someone in my group promotes to Regional Ambassador, where there is a Brand Partner between myself and the person promoting but the Brand Partner in-between is not a Regional Ambassador – do I get the matching bonus?

    No, that Regional Ambassador needs to be in your generation 1 for you to receive the Matching Bonus.

    Rank Advancement Bonus

    1. If I achieve a rank, then lose it and gain it back again, do I get the Rank Bonus again?

    No. You can only get the bonus for a rank once.

    2. When will I receive the Rank Advancement Bonus?

    For Regional Ambassadors and above, this bonus is paid once you have achieved the rank and maintained it for two consecutive snapshots. Senior Ambassadors receive their bonus when they are first paid as a Senior Ambassador.  

    Example: You achieve the Rank of Director in the month of January and then also in February. You would receive the Rank Achievement Bonus of $1000 on the March 12th Payday.

    Free Mobile Service

    1. Do I need to become a Brand Partner to earn free mobile service?

    No. Any member who signs up for Solavei can earn free mobile service by signing up 6 or more qualified members. See the Compensation Plan.pdf for full details.

    2. Do I need to provide my SSN/Tax ID to earn free service?

    No. Only Brand Partners need to provide that information.

    3. How do I get a 1099 tax form for my free service if I don’t provide an SSN?

    You do not need a 1099 tax form for earning free mobile service.