Callie's Coffee



Solavei is partnering with a company called Callie's Coffee. Coffee is used by millions of people around the world and through Callie's mission, every cup of coffee supports the fight against children's cancer, the partnership further supports Solavei’s goal to positively impact millions of lives around the world.

Callie's Mission



With every bag of Callie's Coffee Solavei members have the option to purchase a subscription to coffee in 1 of our 4 blends, in either ground or whole bean. For a limited time you can also purchase a Party Pack.

Subscription - $26 per month

  • 2 (12oz) Bags of Callie's Coffee

Ground or Whole Bean

  • Espresso
  • House
  • Medium
  • Decaf


Every subscription to coffee is worth 1 point based on the Brand Partner compensation plan. Learn more here: Solavei Compensation Plan


1. When will my coffee subscription start?

Ongoing monthly Coffee subscriptions will launch in November of 2015. You will receive notification before your order is shipped.

2. Can I make changes to my order after I submit it?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Changes to the Callie’s Coffee Party Pack or coffee subscription cannot be made once the order is submitted. Contents of the Party Pack cannot be changed, however you will be able to change your monthly subscription of coffee at a later date when your monthly order begins.

3. Can I purchase other coffee products such as filters or presses?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

4. Can Retailers participate in coffee compensation? 

Retailers can earn compensation off coffee subscriptions just like Brand Partners do. However, Party Pack compensation is not available to Retailers.

5. What is the MSRP of the 12 oz. Callie's coffee bags?

The MSRP is $18.00 per 12 oz. bag