Callie's Announcement and Party Packs



The launch of Callie’s Coffee brought to you by Solavei was announced on the September 28, 2015 Anniversary Webcast. You can purchase Party Packs and pre-order coffee subscriptions by visiting

Update: Unlock codes are no longer required to purchase Party Packs or subscriptions. 


Subscription details:
  • 2 12 oz, bags of Callie’s Coffee a month for $26 + shipping.
    • Note: Shipping varies by location. 
  • Monthly refill and billing date is the same each month as the sign up date.
  • Available in the following roasts: Medium, House, Espresso, Decaf.
    • In whole bean or ground.
  • Coffee pre-orders will not be billed until mid-November (11/16) prior to shipping the first subscription. 
    • Coffee pre-order subscriptions will not be billed during time of subscription and purchase of Party Pack.

Party Pack details:

  • All members have the ability to pre-order coffee subscriptions when they purchase a Callie’s Coffee Party Pack at
    for $198 (including shipping). 
    • Callie’s Coffee Party Pack includes: 
      • 5 12 oz. bags of Callie’s House Blend Coffee
      • 5 12 oz. bags of Callie's Coffee Medium Roast
      • 5 (1.75 oz) Sample Packs of Callie’s Coffee House Blend
      • 5 (1.75 oz) Sample Packs of Callie’s Coffee Medium Roast
      • Solofill Reusable K-Cup
      • Callie’s travel mug
      • Callie’s portable coffee dispenser
      • Callie’s branded collateral
    • For a limited time Solavei members will have the opportunity to refer the offer of Free Brand Partner Memberships to friends and family who want to join Solavei and purchase the Callie’s Coffee Party Pack plus a subscription to Callie’s Coffee. 
      • There is no limit on how many invitations you can send.

Get The Party Started PDF


1. When will I get my Party Pack?

3 – 5 business days, even in Puerto Rico

2. Can I make changes to my order after I submit it?

Not initially. However, you will be able to change your monthly subscription of coffee at a later date when your monthly order begins after you receive your first order in November.

3. How do I extend the free Brand Partner promotion?

First, you must purchase a Callie’s Coffee Party Pack and pre-order your monthly Callie’s Coffee subscription. You’ll then be able to share free Brand Partner memberships with other people who also purchase a Callie’s Coffee Party Pack and pre-order their monthly Callie’s Coffee subscription. Share this offer with your friends through your Referral Page and get $50 every time your direct connections buy a Party Pack while supplies last.

4. Can I customize my Party Pack or change my order after it has been submitted?

No, changes to the Callie’s Coffee Party Pack cannot be made once the order is submitted. Contents of the Party Pack cannot be changed.

5. When is the $50 Bonus paid for my direct enrollments who purchase a Callie’s Coffee Party Pack?

Bonuses will be paid on the schedule below:

  • For Party Packs purchased between 9/28 – 10/14 bonuses will be paid on 10/20
  • For Party Packs purchased between 10/15-10/31 bonuses will be paid on 11/6
  • For Party Packs purchased between 10/31-11/15 bonuses will be paid on 11/20

6. If I do not purchase a Party Pack but one of my direct enrollments does do I still receive the $50 Bonus?

Yes, if you are a Brand Partner and a member or Brand Partner who is direct to you purchases a Callie’s Coffee Party Pack you will receive the $50 bonus. 

7. When will I receive a 1 point in my Compensation for the Callie’s subscription purchased with the Callie’s Party Pack?

Members receive 1 point per Callie’s subscription the month that the subscription is sent. Pre-subscriptions will be come effective, billed and sent to members in mid November. As a result, members will see their first points for Coffee in the month of November. 

8. Am I required to purchase mobile service in order to subscribe to coffee?

No, members can join Solavei and purchase only a coffee subscription. 

9. What happens when free Brand Partner Memberships run out?

When supplies run out, the promotion ends. There are thousands available, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. This is a great way for new members to save on Brand Partner Membership while also getting everything they need to build their business.

10. What is the MRSP of Callie's 12 oz. coffee bags

The MSRP is $18.00 per 12 oz. bag.