Solavei Brand Guidelines for Members

Marketing Guidelines:

  • The goal of the Solavei Marketing Guidelines is to protect the Solavei brand. This is of the highest importance to the entire Solavei Community.
  • Additional guidelines will be available as new circumstances arise.
  • In order to protect our brand, Solavei has the right to approve or reject any marketing materials.

Do's and Dont's

  • Do contact us at with questions, concerns or approval requests.
  • Don't use "Solavei," our logo, "Powered by Relationships," our colors, or any other trademarks or branding material unless you use approved materials or submit your request for approval.
  • Don't use "Solavei," 'sola," "sol," "vei," or "powered by relationships" in any web site address, email address, social media url or business name.
  • Don't send spam email.
  • Don't use auto dialed phone calls or other telemarketing methods.
  • Don't make claims about potential earnings.