Unlocking Your iPhone

For a full tutorial on the iPhone please visit the iPhone Tutorial Page

Unlocking Your iPhone

Your iPhone needs to be unlocked in order to completely work with the Solavei mobile network. If you have an AT&T iPhone, you must contact AT&T to request they unlock your phone. Follow these steps to ensure your iPhone is unlocked.

AT&T (GSM) Versions of iPhone

There are 2 ways to unlock your iPhone:

  • Call AT&T customer care to request the unlock code.
  • Submit an online request form

Once you receive your authorization, connect your iPhone to your computer and back up your device via iTunes. Then you’ll be ready to switch to Solavei. If you've completed the backup and restore and your phone still says "no SIM" at the top menu try restarting your phone.

Note: Solavei supports iPhone 3 and 3GS – which use a standard SIM card – and the iPhone 4 and 4S, which use a micro SIM card. The iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM card. For information on ordering a different SIM size take a look here. MySolavei - SIM Replacement Orders

Below is an example of a confirmed unlock request:

iPhone Unlock

Other Carriers (CDMA) Versions of iPhone

iPhone 5s and 5c from Verizon are CDMA versions of the iPhone and are now supported on the Solavei network. Confirm you have a compatible version with Unlocked Cell Phones Compatible with Solavei. Sprint is unable to unlock iPhones for use outside of their network. 

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

The above iPhone models are currently supported for Solavei Mobile Service; and, we are excited to announce that the Nano SIM is available, so bring your iPhone 5 to Solavei!

For information on purchasing a Solavei compatible iPhone please see Popular Solavei Phones and Choosing a Phone for Solavei.

Additional Assistance: If you have followed the steps above and are having trouble setting up your phone try asking one of our Solavei Experts in our online Support Community below. Simply type in your question and click the Ask button.