Call Forwarding

Call forwarding enables you to send your calls to another domestic number. This can be used if you want calls to be sent to another phone such as your home or office number, instead of your voicemail. You can complete your own call forwarding by using a call forwarding (MMI) code.

Changing Call Forwarding in Your Phone

To use call forwarding with Solavei, you will need to use the call forwarding (MMI) codes below. To use a code, simply open the dialer in your phone to place a call. Enter the code in the left column below and place the call. This will send the code to the system to inform it to make the change you requested.

Visual Voicemail Tip

Visual voicemail changes the call forwarding codes in your phone and these codes are required for it to work. If you manually change the settings, your visual voicemail will not work properly.

Call Forward No Reply (NRY) Forwards calls if there is no answer.
**61*PhoneNumber# Activate CF NRY to number
##61# Cancel CF NRY
*#61# Check Status of CF NRY
Call Forward Not Reachable (CF NRC) Forwards calls if the phone is not connected to the network.
**62*PhoneNumber# Activate CF NRC
##62# Cancel CF NRC
*#62# Check status of CF NRC
Call Forward Busy (CF Busy)
Forwards calls in place of call waiting.
**67*PhoneNumber# Activate CF Busy
##67# Cancel CF Busy
*#67# Check Status of CF Busy
Cancel Call Forward and Other Options
##004# Cancel all Call Forwarding
**004*PhoneNumber# Provision CF Only
**002*PhoneNumber# Provision all call forwarding types

Number of seconds before forwarding.

Max 30 Seconds. (5,10,15,20,25,30)


Provision forwarding to regular voicemail
(Use after uninstalling visual voicemail)

Additional Assistance: If you have followed the steps above and are having trouble setting up your phone try using our interactive Self Help Troubleshooting Guide. If you have further questions, you can ask one of our Solavei Experts in our online Support Community below. Simply type in your question and click the Ask button.